Three Times Two is Six

“I want to be an artist, mom, just like you”


Your six today. My sweetest memories are taking long walks down dirt roads, dancing our way through the kitchen, and singing Moana in the car every day every where we go. Your teacher says your the happiest kid she knows but I know something she doesn’t. You are a change agent, a vision carrier and an armour bearer. God has deposited a huge purpose in you - and even at 6 years old God uses you everyday to shine his light.

Your smile is contagious, and your curiosity to connect with people is beautiful. Don’t ever stop connecting, because connection is why we are here. You will be tempted to let your heart harden when you face hard times in your life, and when that happens, remember who you were when you we're six. I love you with my entire being. Create the life you want to live. Be an artist - an artist of life.

Lynsey MarieRiver