My sweet, unique and hilarious Nanny was one of a kind. This skirt (now 75 years old) - is a gift given to my Nanny in 1942.

You often don’t realize all the pain and scars that create such a beautiful human being until your an adult. My Nanny was a foster child and her life was far from easy - my aunt often wondered if this was the first gift she had ever received because she cherished this skirt so much.

This skirt invoked a lot of unexpected emotion and thought in me. From how much I missed her to how much I see of her in myself. I know that she is in heaven but does she know that I turned out ok? Does she have any idea how much a piece of her lives inside of me and my daughter. I hear her voice in the way my dad says certain things. I see echos of her in each person of our family. I find myself singing and dancing around like a maniac - just like her. Singing old baptist hymns (that I actually disliked very much) but it just comes out of me. Sometimes Im like - how did I know that? She was playful but stern, she was unintentionally hilarious and she was really serious about wearing the PERFECT shade of lip stick to Church every Sunday. The imprint she made in my life was huge, even though the time we spent together was so short, and that got me thinking…..

Do we truly grasp how our thoughts, words and actions ripple out into the universe? 

Its kinda crazy to fathom the army she created in its entirety. Everyone of us (her kids, her grand children, and her great-grand children) have been gifted with incredible creative talent. Each different but equally talented, as if we were each give a single bristle of her paint brush. Even more so, we all have this special kind of faith. In my opinion, I think God used her to plant that seed in each of us. She was special. But did she really know how much God used her, even in the mundane? 

I don’t know if she can conceive that from Heaven, what a great job she did - but her legacy lives on. Not just in her skirt but in our hearts.