Putting God in a Box

Sometimes in life we are so focused on our own agenda and the plan we made for our lives. When that plan is derailed we complain, we let doubt take over our thoughts, wonder if God doesn’t love me or what I have done wrong? Isn’t it strange how we paint this expectation in our minds and if something doesn’t equate to that we assume it is wrong. What if that is the point. Nothing is at is seems. This is why God tells us to align our hearts on him so we may see as he sees and love as he loves. To lose this expectation, to lose this ideology of the way life “should be”, is indeed what we should be doing. I often wondered why I felt so strongly about being put in a box and how much I rebelled against it. Maybe its because my Father doesn’t want to be put in a box either. 

In those moments where your stomach sinks and you get a glimpse of the why, you realize you were where you were supposed to be all along. You realize how selfish you are. You realize that in everything God is working and to truly submit to his will is to release it all and allow his guidance to take over your heart and step into the purpose of his calling. 

A few weeks ago God revealed to me the reason why I am where I am and it has nothing to do with me or my “life plan”. As the tears ran down my face - I knew this was a God moment. In the biggest trials of life come the biggest blessing. In this life, we are called to spread love no matter what the cost may be, even when it doesn’t align with my life plan. And sometimes you are where you are because God has called you to do just this, love beyond capacity. 

Lynsey MarieLynsey Marie