Our Story

the birth of #levelupclt


Stuck, that is the best word to describe the season where "levelupclt" was birthed. My heart was craving creativity and connection. Ideas and dreams where flooding my mind 24 hours of the day but there was one problem - I didn't know how to get there and I couldn't see a way. I spent many nights asking God what his purpose was for me because I knew this couldn't be it.

While trying to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other, overcome my timid mindset, and put myself out there - I came across Creating Space. Wes Knight was talking about creating the life you wanted to live. I was intrigued. At the end, he said, "message five people on IG and ask them to collaborate." All fired up, I went to my IG account right away and sent two messages. I was like, YAYESSS, two people, Im doing good. haha. 

Andrea happened to be one of the two I messaged. We had met on the Photography Team at Elevation Church but I didn't know her well. I spent a lot of my time hiding behind my camera. God had recently moved her to Charlotte and come to find out we were both starving for creativity. Its funny how God plants the same dream in two people separately and then brings them together. After three meetings we decided, we are going into business together. We didn't know what we were going to do; we just knew that we where going to pursue our passion for photography with our whole hearts, and bring others with us along the way. We wanted to create. We wanted community. 

As we were trying to decide on our tag line and business model, Andrea suggested "level up" and I was in love immediately. The phrase was so in sync with where I wanted to go in my life in every area. It was also a phrase we could impart on others. I was tired of settling and so was she. We were ready to level up and help level up those around us. The next day we went to church and Pastor Steven Furtick was preaching "Making Moves." The entire message was lit but this particular moment will stick with me forever. Pastor Steven Furtick was marching up the side steps. He said, "its time to step up" and as he was stepping he began yelling "level up" at the top of his lungs. Andrea and I looked at each other, we both started crying, and we knew that God was speaking to us. God handed us a business and gave us wings to fly that day. 

From a simple IG message that I only sent because I was listening to a podcast from a guy I don't even know; during one of the most challenging seasons of my life, God gave me a best friend, a business, and a mission to create really cool content. So here we are, creating content for Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses all over the US. Making moves and making friends. Its been the coolest adventure and still, the best is yet to come!!